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Saturday, 16 April 2016 15:40

#AtoZChallenge: N is for Nevada

OVERDRIVE finalThere’s still five and a half months before my YA novel OVERDRIVE drops—but I couldn’t pass up the chance to spend a month talking about it.

Fast cars, cute guys, a kick-ass protagonist, and the hot Vegas sun—OVERDRIVE is a culmination of all my favorite things. Which is why for this year’s blogging challenge, I am doing the A to Z of OVERDRIVE. (I know, you're shocked!)

Not familiar with the A to Z Blogging Challenge? Get the full details here. And then buckle up because you’re in for one hell of a fun ride. 

P.S. Comment on or share the posts throughout the month for a chance to WIN an advanced reader copy of OVERDRIVE!

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lovelockOVERDRIVE is mostly set in the heart of Las Vegas—obviously my upcoming "V" letter post in a couple weeks—but the Nevada landcsape also plays a role, not to mention is home to a giant... Nevermind. I shouldn't spoil it ;-)

I've been to Las Vegas three times, and while I'm not much of a gambler, it's easy to get caught up in the excitement of a city that never sleeps and allows you to walk hotel to casino with an oversized cocktail in hand. 

Vegas is obviously the most popular city in the state, but about ten years ago, I flew to Reno, Nevada, where I embarked on my first research trip for a book that sadly, never got written. In Lovelock, just outside of Reno, I visited Lover's Lock (where apparently actor Kelsey Grammer married his wife), toured a miniature lighthouse set in the desert, which I think was the owner's dry humor at work, and took page after page of research notes. 

As a Canadian used to cold winters and mild summers, getting used to the Nevada heat was hard—it kind of sucks the air out of you—but the experience got me hooked on doing "location" research for novels. I know I can look most anything up on Google (and have for many projects!) but there's something amazing about immersing yourself in the culture of a place—even if it is just a small town Nevada.

The #AtoZChallenge takes a break tomorrow—a great opportunity for you to check out other blogs taking part—but I'll be back Monday with a somewhat predictable "O" post!

~ Dawn

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