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Thursday, 14 April 2016 15:56

#AtoZChallenge: (Jay) Leno & (Ralph) Lauren

OVERDRIVE finalThere’s still five and a half months before my YA novel OVERDRIVE drops—but I couldn’t pass up the chance to spend a month talking about it.

Fast cars, cute guys, a kick-ass protagonist, and the hot Vegas sun—OVERDRIVE is a culmination of all my favorite things. Which is why for this year’s blogging challenge, I am doing the A to Z of OVERDRIVE. (I know, you're shocked!)

Not familiar with the A to Z Blogging Challenge? Get the full details here. And then buckle up because you’re in for one hell of a fun ride. 

P.S. Comment on or share the posts throughout the month for a chance to WIN an advanced reader copy of OVERDRIVE!


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Jules Parish would never have guessed her quirky and kind of creepy foster dad is actually a closet collector of high-end muscle cars...but when I started looking up real life collectors, I was surprised by some of the famous people who have a love of exotic vehicles. I get it, though. I may never be famous, but if I ever won the lottery, I'd probably have my own warehouse of classic muscle cars—one for each day of the year!

So who are these multi-millionaires with a parking lot's worth of stunning vehicles?



A quick visit to his website and my jaw was on the floor. While there are some muscle cars in his spectacular garage showroom, the diversity of Leno's collection—from steam-powered cars to a vintage milktruck and everything beyond—is truly outstanding. 


Forget fashion, the collection I'm most interested in is Ralph Lauren's garage full of Ferraris and modern supercars. Oh, I know they're not classic American muscle, but while I'm drawn in by the look of the muscle cars, the sheer speed of a supercar sends my pulse into overdrive.

With the pre-requisite "L" car collectors out of the way, here are some other famous car affectionatos. 

  • Jerry Seinfeld has a sweet Porchse collection, rumored to include a 959 and a 1600 Speedster. Porche isn't my car of choice, but twist my arm and I'd probably test one out.
  • Pink Floyd Drummer Nick Mason has one of the best personal collections in Britain. Like Ralph Lauren, he has a thing for Ferraris. 
  • Sultan of Brunei is considered to have the most famous collection of all time. If you were to name any supercar built in the last 30 years, odds are, he'd have it.

Okay. So let's pretend you have billions of dollars to stock your garage. What's in YOUR showroom?

See you tomorrow for the letter "M"—and the halfway point of the #AtoZChallenge.

~ Dawn

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